Solaace - SCC-D24-1

Solaace D24-1:
The Kneading Massage cushion comes a screw located on the back of the unit to protect the massage mechanism during shipment. Which must be removed before the first use to allow the kneading feature to function. Use the provided allen wrench. Then properly dispose of the screw. Warning-Failure to remove screw may cause permanent damage to the massage cushion.

Functions: The New Solaace D24-1 cushion with high flexibility synthetic leather allows to reduce shock on the vertibrates while driving and avoids backache caused by continuous seating conditions. This can also be used in the comfort of your home in a living room on your favourite recliner.
  • Solaace-D24-1 - a high quality, relaxing, therapeutic massage, which is available to you at all times!
  • Solaace-D24-1 has a unique function of Up and Down, which reproduces the mixing massage and perfectly removes voltage from the muscles of the back and neck.
  • Massage starts from stimulating biologically active points of the lower coccygeal vertebrae, followed by the spine up to the upper vertebrae, and then descends. This is done several times.
  • At the cape, there are three variants of massage: massage the entire back, upper back and neck, lower back and waist. You can independently adjust the intensity and time of the massage.
  • Thanks to the ease of management, storage and use, you can get a great massage in any environment: home, office or traveling.
  • The complete set includes adjustable belts for all seats and an optional car adapter.
  • Cape is made from high quality synthetic leather.