Solaace SLB-C-30

The best 3D C30 Classic Foot and Calf massager

The C30 Classic Foot and Calf massager uses the advanced technology to offer you an outstanding 3D massage. The user can enjoy a leg, calf, foot, and knee massage, depending on the area they desire to have massaged. The Resto-lax RL C30 with heating function works at three different levels of speed, is equipped with a pre-set program, and allows the user to adjust the additional knee massage system, in order for the massage session to be just the way the user wants it and for the feeling of relaxation to be extreme. All these settings can be made using the incorporated remote control.

Important Functions
Pre-set Massage Program
Through massage techniques that emulate the movements of a professional massage therapist, this massage program will easily eliminate any discomfort in your legs, giving the user a revitalizing feeling.
Calf, Foot, and Knee Massage
The massager may be positioned according to the leg area that you desire to have massaged: calf, foot, or knee. The upper part of the massager is mobile.
Foot Massage Rollers
Equipped with 20 massage rollers, the Resto-lax RL C30 incorporates reflex therapy into the user’s massage experience. Foot massage is important because it is our feet that permanently bear and carry the body’s weight. The massage rollers improve the blood flow in each foot’s stress points and offer the user a sensation of energy throughout the entire body. You can choose between 3 levels of adjustable intensity, to suit your personal needs.
Calf Massage Rollers
The advanced calf roller massage technique offers the user a massage experience superior to that offered by any other massager. You can choose between 3 adjustable intensity levels, to suit your personal needs.
3 Massage Speeds
The intensity of the massage may be adjusted, in order to offer maximum comfort to the user. The massager has 3 massage speeds, and height can also be adjusted in order to offer the user the most relaxing position possible. Also, it can be turned over and fixed in any position.
Incorporated Remote Control
With the incorporated remote control, all settings can be performed with much ease.
Heat Therapy System for the Knee
The massager is equipped with a heating system which can be activated by pressing the HEATING THERAPY button. The system heats up the knee area using carbon fibre heating technology.

Technical Specifications
Power 220W

Net Wt

19 kgs
Timer 15Minutes
Heating Yes
Gross Wt 21.5Kgs
Airbags 30 Numbers
Rotation 360 degree
Dimensions 57x49.5x63 CM