About Us

Current Status

Independent Family-Owned Enterprise
We are an expanding, nationally operating, independent and family-owned, mid-size health care enterprise.

Broad Spectrum of Competencies
Our products support safer care. We possess a wide array of medically certified, scientific and technical expertise to fulfil this challenging demand.

Flexible and Highly Innovative
Our customers appreciate our flexibility and commitment to superior quality.

Operating Principles
Customer Focus
We are constantly monitoring the needs of busy human and continuously developing solutions. We believe that innovations should benefit every human for a better living as directly as possible.

Customer Assistance and Service
Our customers benefit not only from our products and user friendly environment, but can also rely upon our customer service cell. It's just a call away.

Accountability, expert know-how, enormous experience and an unwavering commitment to delivering a motherly care, are the solid foundation of our work.


Solaace has 30 employees including highly qualified experts, marketing and management professionals. Joint decision-making, accountability and teamwork are firmly rooted in our company culture and represent an important resource for our efficient, flexible and creative solutions. Our employees share and participate in the company success.

Future Strategies
Dynamic Markets and Demands
We are in-step with the constantly changing market and technology requirements and are fulfilling the ever-growing demand for secure and reliable health care.

Continuous Development

The constant advancement of our products are made possible by our enterprise's flexibility and independence as well as our internal employee culture of continuous learning and engagement. We have also established a professional Innovation Management and Marketing capability that enables us not only to fulfil, but also to anticipate our customer needs ahead of time.

Company Timeline
2009 the company was founded in a Bengaluru, India. Solaace is a renowned family enterprise, founded in 2009 with an ideation of spreading the words "Health for all".


New facilities are also in the pipe-line of being established. A research is undertaken to meet the needs of an expanding market for healthy habits in lesser time.

2010 Increasing Capacity

Between 2010 and 2011, the strength of the company rose from 12 member establishment to 30 member establishment with an additional focus on integrated ideation for healthier lifestyle in a short time of a busy day.

2011 Re-launch

Today, the company operates nationally and plans to go global with a new generation and leadership and network. The company launches its new website on December 15th 2011 – signalling its vision of growth and development in the new millennium.